The Story of Foxgloves

As a designer, landscape architect, and professional horticulturist, Harriet Z. yearned for gloves that would shield her hands without compromising tactile sensitivity. In 1999, she introduced Foxgloves, crafting garden gloves that seamlessly blend comfort, functionality, form-fitting design, durability, washability, and aesthetic appeal.Today, Foxgloves & Protex gloves have garnered a global fan base.

Meet Penny

In 2011, Penny T. received a pair as a Christmas gift and was so enamored that she secured the agency for Australia & New Zealand. Renowned as the world's most versatile gloves, they cater to diverse needs, offering options for bare-handed sensitivity, skin protection, non-slip grip, elbow-length coverage, thorn resistance, or all-purpose landscaping.

Beyond the gardening realm, Foxgloves have become favorites among birders, hikers, photographers, equestrians, and more, proving perfect for various outdoor pursuits. Foxgloves have evolved beyond the garden, meeting the demands of a broader range of outdoor enthusiasts.

At Foxgloves, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. Whether you're in need of gloves for yourself or a friend, come to Foxgloves – "The gloves you'll love to wear." As Penny attests, they are "The best garden gloves you will ever own."